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Our History...

...Lest we forget

National SNDA Constitution

Complete National SNDA History

ECU SNDA Constitution

The Student National Dental Association was founded in 1970 as a student version of the National Dental association. A group of dedicated African-American dental students at Meharry Medical College found it necessary to create an organization that linked minority dental students across the nation together in fellowship and in service.  

The Student National Dental Association continues to rise to the occasion as the key student voice in matters of oral health for the underserved and the education of minority oral health care professionals throughout the world with 6 basic objectives:


  1. To promote and encourage an increase in minority enrollment in all dental schools. 

  2. To be committed to the improvement of dental health care delivery to all disadvantaged people. 

  3. To provide time a skill in assisting those programs within the greater community which required some measure of dental expertise.

  4. To contribute to the welfare of dental students.

  5. To educate and involve its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of dentistry. 

  6. To promote a variable academic and social environment that is conductive to the mental health of minority students.




The ECU SNDA chapter was co-founded in Oct. 2011 by Alex Crisp  and Bridgette Jones, who wanted a place for collaboration and discussion about increasing minority involvement in dentistry. 

The founding members include: Alex Crisp, Bridgette Jones, Alex Ho, Lida Cheng, Han O, Isaac Morton, Bruce Townsend, Holland Killand and Kim Vinson, with  Dr. Keith Mays as the advisor.

SNDA Standards Chapter Manual 

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