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"There are truly no limits for what the SNDA can and will become. There are no limits to what role SNDA members will play in shaping the future of the dental profession." 

From Our President

Greetings SNDA Family and Visitors,


After learning a great deal in national SNDA leadership arena, I am honored to be bringing those newfound talents and resources back home. SNDA is an organization that was pioneered to support minority, underrepresented students. ECU SNDA specifically,  I is committed to collaboration as there is power in numbers. This administration is working with other organizations to further our commitments as ECU SoDM students in supreme service.

It is time to re-instate all of our signature programs and bring the social network back to our chapter. This is where the power of SNDA truly lies. This year, we are modernizing SNDA traditions and establishing a higher standard for service. Check out our website to see how ECU SNDA serves our local community. 


Feel free to reach out to me directly with questions, concerns, or ideas at or @doctoroctavia on Instagram. Make sure

to follow @ecusnda and @snda1972 on social media to learn about new events taking place.

Octavia Miller


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