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The building blocks of our Legacy

Dr. Alex Crisp

Post ECU SoDM: Oral Surgery Residency at Medical University of South Carlolina

Charge to Underclassmen: "Don't settle for average. Strive for more. If I did it, surely you can too"

Undergraduate: UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Alex Ho

Post ECU SoDM: General Practice

Charge to Underclassmen: "A coward dies a thousand deaths in his mind. A hero only dies once" -Ancient Proverb

Undergraduate: University of Virginia

Dr. Bridgette Jones

Post ECU SoDM: GPR Residency- Asheville, NC

Charge to Underclassmen: "Keep your head up and keep God first"

Undergraduate: Spelman Collage

Dr. Diana Luckardt 


Charge to Underclassmen: "Always do your best. Be fair to others. Help others whenever you can and have a good attitude"

Undergraduate: UNC Wilmington

Dr.Issac Morton 

Post ECU SoDM: AEGD University of Texas Health Science Center

Charge to Underclassmen: “Sincerely compliment someone everyday. Underpromise and overdeliver. Laugh, live slow, eat well, and dance everyday.”

Undergraduate: East Carolina University

Dr. Vivek Thanawala 

Post ECU SoDM: GPR Residency-Baltimore, VA

Charge to Underclassmen: Make the most of each day at ECU. Each day will bring about new challenges and opportunities. Don’t dwell over mistakes or failures, because this is ultimately how you will learn. Be confident in your abilities and never try comparing yourself to others. Only you know what you are capable of and reach beyond your goals.

Undergraduate: UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Bruce Townsend 

Post ECU SoDM: ECU AEGD Residency- Spruce Pines, NC

Charge to Underclassmen: "Always be prepared. Never be scared. There will always be those who have lower expectations of you. Don't let those expectations make you who you are or define your ability. Kick as much butt as you possibly can and visualize achieving the goal directly in front of you.

Undergraduate: Universtiy of Oklahoma

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